Visual Lesson Plans

Plans for Week of Sept. 12th

I love looking at other teachers' lesson plans so I thought I'd share mine for this week. It is a packed week and we have early release Friday so I'll try to fit everything into a four and half day week. 

We have a lot of school requirements which means my writing block is short right now. I'm depending on mentor sentences to help my students become better writers. Once the requirements lessen, I'll be able to have a longer writing block. It is not written in my plans but one thing we do everyday is IDR (Independent Reading). That is a non-negotiable and a very valuable time in my classroom. You'll notice that I include IRA three times a week. This is my interactive read aloud time. I go back and reference these books in upcoming lessons. 

My plans include visual links for easy navigating. I've included links for many of the resources. I hope this is helpful for someone! Just click on the picture to access my plans.