Super Improvers Wall

We're in our 7th week of school and fall has officially started. Time sure does fly! I posted this picture on Instagram a while back and have been meaning to blog about it.

The Super Improvers Wall is one of the levels from Whole Brain Teaching's management system. I want my students to take pride in their work and the behavior they display in my class. I have a lot of boys so I used the sports theme that WBT suggested in the book and they all start at the bottom level as a fan. (I did leave one of their suggested levels out.) They each have a card with their name that matches the color of the level they are on. Anytime they make an academic or behavior improvement, they get a sticker to put on their card. 

Once a kiddo reaches 10 stickers they can turn their card in for a coupon of their choice. They also move up to the next level with a new card that matches. Anyone that makes it to the top level becomes a living legend in my classroom. That means I will be taking their picture and displaying it in my room for future classes to see. They were all over that part! Who doesn't want to be a living legend?

I cannot wait until someone gets their 10 stickers and moves up. That will be motivating for everyone else. If you'd like the wall level titles and name cards, just click on the picture. How do you promote academic and behavior improvement?