Soaring Sentences!

One of the first things we practice in writing every year is writing sentences. I don't know about you but this is always an ongoing battle in my class. The kids need practice, practice and more practice. A couple of years ago I created some activities to supplement my teaching of this topic. I just redid the whole file because quite frankly, it needed a makeover.

The activities I use come from my file Soaring Sentences. 

Here's a bit about how I use these activities. We start with subjects and predicates. There is a poster for each of those topics. You can also create an anchor chart for whole group reference and use the posters for a center or small groups. There is also a worksheet that you can use for individual assessment. 

I didn't include an activity for subjects and predicates because the kids come up with their own for a fun activity. One half of the kids have to write a subject and the other half a predicate. Then they have to match up the subjects and predicates to create sentences. I then write, what will surely be hysterical sentences, on a chart. 

When we are ready to move on to complete sentences, I use the complete and incomplete sentence sort activity. I give each table team the sort and they have to work on it together. There is a text answer key which can be copied on the back of the sort cards themselves. There is also a QR code answer key. You can easily make this a center instead and include the posters for reference in the center. There are two worksheets that cover the topic of complete sentences and can be used for assessment.

When they write complete sentences, punctuation is also important so I have an activity and worksheet for that as well. I give each table team the activity to work on together and we review as a class. There is also a text and QR answer key for this activity.

Some standards require students to know the 4 types of sentences so I included a bingo game to practice that in a fun way.

You can check out the complete file here. And it will be 28% off during TpT's Blast Off Back to School Sale Monday and Tuesday. I officially go back to school next week and will post pics of my classroom progress throughout the week on instagram so make sure to follow me! Have a great weekend!