Peek at my Week

We've been working hard in 3rd Grade! I really am enjoying teaching this group of kids. There are a couple of friends that are challenging but that's how it is every year. Here is a peek at what we did this week.

The kiddos picked their first story to publish last week. Before we get to revising I decided we needed to go over complete sentences. So I began by making an anchor chart together with the kids on subjects and predicates.

Then they had to read their first draft and look for a sentence that had a subject and underline it in red and look for a predicate and underline it in pencil. The next day we used the Complete and Incomplete Sentence Sort from my Sentences Supplemental Activities Pack. Table groups worked together to sort the sentences. 

You can see this group almost got it right. After they sorted them they had to discuss what the subject and predicate were of the complete sentences. I gave them a test from my pack at the end of the week and most of them did well which made me really happy! I can always refer back to these lessons when we write to make sure they are writing complete sentences. 

In Reading we worked on story elements. To model it I used the story Oliver Button is a Sissy because we had already read it for making connections. We used the hamburger to organize the different elements. Throughout the week the kids worked on their own hamburger using the book Little Grunt and the Big Egg. I just love that book!

I will be returning to story elements and plot development but realized that I really need to go over inferring first so they can analyze characters and how they develop. So on Friday I did the trash lesson from Comprehension Connections and the thinking stems. 

(I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the trash.) If you haven't read this book it's a must for hooks before teaching the reading strategies. The kids had a ball making inferences about the trash so I know this lesson will stick with them. Inferences is my favorite reading strategy and I can't wait to do more next week. Well I hope you enjoyed looking in at some of the things we did this week. I realized that next time I need more pics of the activities in action. I have a busy weekend ahead of me and I hope you all have a great one!

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