Word Study

We've already had two weeks of school. Crazy! We launched independent reading and writing (boot camp style) with great success. The kids LOVE it when given the freedom to choose what to read and write. (Well most of them.) Now that we have gotten to 20 minutes of reading and 12 minutes of writing, I am going to launch word study and reading on the computer next week. 

Reading on the computer is just the kids using Tumblebooks or taking an AR test. No prep work except for the anchor chart that will go over expectations. For word study, my students have composition books. I use Words Their Way and I gave them their first list of words on Wednesday. In small groups I showed them how to do a written word sort in their notebooks. When a new week of word study starts that is the first activity that will be in their notebooks. On that day they will also get a new Tic-Tac-Toe sheet for the week. 

When doing one of our Fab 4 stations, they can do 3 activities that create a tic-tac-toe on the sheet. (Fab 4 is just what I call our Reading stations.) Any work that requires paper will be done in their notebooks. If they do free choice they have to fill in the activity they did on the sheet. I got the Rainbow Roll and Write from a Cupcake for a Teacher here. (It's free!) Superhero Sight Word Mission is from Fourth Grade Frolics and I got that here. All the other activities I found through pinterest and created directions if needed. When I give the spelling test, they need to be finished with their word study sheet and glue it into their notebooks. They will also be gluing their word cards into their notebooks. I give word study notebook grades periodically, but in the beginning I will be checking their notebooks more frequently to make sure the kiddos are doing them correctly. 

One of the activities on their Word Study Tic-Tac-Toe sheet is Silly Sentences. It's an activity I found through Pinterest and made a directions sheet to hang up in the room. If you'd like a copy of it click on the title below. There is a color and black and white version. I will post some pics once we get word study going in my room. I'd love to hear how you all do word study in your class so please share some ideas or tips! 

Silly Sentences

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