Sunday, November 25, 2012

Please forgive me and a freebie!

It has been quite a year so far. I have quite the difficult class and have had to work really hard to get the class running smoothly. So I've abandoned this little blog of mine and ask you to forgive me. While I think the rest of the year will still be full of hard work on my part, I am going to try to do better about posting more frequently. At the end of this post I've included a freebie to say thanks for sticking around!

Today I wanted to blog about some things we've been up to. In October we went to the local college to see the play Skippyjon Jones. I had spent time reading some of the books leading up to the play and let me tell you, my kids LOVED it. We even brought our own Skippy with us that I got from Kohl's this summer. He was a hit and everyone wanted their picture taken with him.

After the show, we looked at some artwork that was created by local students. Here is one of the creations:

By far this was one of my favorite field trips yet. I can't wait to see what productions they put on next year. We've also been working on multiplication in Math. It is one of the big ideas in 3rd grade so we get pretty deep in understanding all the concepts. Sometimes to change things up I let them write on their desks with dry-erase markers. One of my new cuties was so funny when I said we were doing this one day for a Math lesson. She was really shocked that she had permission to write on her desk and was worried it wouldn't come off. On this particular day we were working with addition and multiplication and how they are related. When we work with counters it is actually easier to let them use their desk if I want them to write out problems as well.

The kids just use a piece of felt to erase between problems. When the lesson is over I give them each a wipe so they can get all the left over grime off. After this day though, I decided to have them only use black dry-erase markers. The red left some stains that were hard to get off. If you want to keep the kids engaged in a lesson definitely give that a try! 

In Science we were working on the Scientific Method so I decided to do the skittles experiment. Basically we predict if the letters on the skittles will float or break apart in the water. Very simple but the kids think it's pretty neat. (Well I'll admit that I do too.)

I am looking forward to all that this time of year brings. I love doing all the fun holiday stuff and being creative when incorporating our standards in. I made up some incentive coupons for November so decided to keep it going in December as well. I got this idea from Pinterest so if you know who needs the credit let me know. I basically put one coupon in a holiday container each day. I move it around to the desks of kids that are on task and behaving. When the bus bell rings at the end of the day, the student with the container on his or her desk last, gets to open it. If you'd like the December coupons just click on the picture title. There are two sheets of coupons.Thank you so much for still hanging around!