Sunday, October 14, 2012

Author's Purpose, Estimation and a Freebie!

It has been the craziest year! It's literally left me drained every night.  A couple things happened this past week that should really help my classroom environment. I also had to make rows that face forward (gasp!) so cooperative learning will have to be on hold for now. It's the only way my friends can focus. 

We've been really busy working on different units. I finished our place value unit by teaching estimation. We made this foldable for our Math notebook, that shows three strategies for estimating. 

Then they had to figure out which strategy would be best for estimating how many goldfish were in the bag. (I forgot to take a before picture of the chart with the bag but just imagine a baggie full of goldfish attached to that green tape.)

Once we discussed which was the best strategy (benchmark numbers) they wrote their guess on a sticky note and stuck it to the anchor chart. Then I counted the goldfish to see who was the closest. The kids loved this! Especially since they got to sample the snack, ha! I plan on doing this activity throughout the year with a snack/item that goes with the theme of the month. So for example, this month I plan on using candy corn. 

In Reading we have been working on author's purpose. To introduce it, I read a book each day that went with one of the parts of PIE (Persuade, Inform, Entertain). Then my friends filled in their pie in their reader's notebook as I filled in the anchor chart. 

This week is a bit short since we have early release and teacher planning Thursday and Friday. So I plan on doing an activity for author's purpose that has to do with donuts. (I know, I know. More food but the kids love it and they really remember these types of lessons.) Be sure to check back for that post later in the week.

Finally, we've also started our multiplication unit in Math. To organize the different concepts such as groups and arrays, we have been filling out this table. I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to type up my own since I couldn't find the document when I clicked on the link. I'm sharing my version below! Do you have any fun multiplication activities that your kids love?