Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I recently discovered lapbooks and love them! I decided to have my students create one for summer school. It was the perfect project for the 7 half days I taught. (I know what you're thinking- Why did I even bother teaching for that short amount of time? Trust me the paycheck was worth it!) Anyways, a lapbook is just a folder that holds activities for any theme or lesson you like. I used the book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (I heart Judy Blume!). I read aloud 1 or 2 chapters a day and then we did a section of the lapbook afterwards. For example, on day 1 after reading the chapters, we discussed visualizing while reading and then the kids drew a picture of the most vivid mental picture they had while I had read. After they were completed, we glued it to the bottom portion of the lapbook. Another day we discussed character traits and did a character wheel. Now they have a nice collection of activities that they can bring home. I plan to use these for Social Studies and Science next year. I included the link to the great website I use to get some of the templates for the activities at the end of this post. Here is a picture of the cover and the inside of the lapbooks. (Sorry, I know it's kind of hard to see.) Has anyone else tried lapbooks?

Lapbooks Activity Templates


Julie said...

I really like this idea. I look forward to using it.

Megan said...

Great way to organize foldables. I've used foldables before with my classes and they love the creative way to take notes and record ideas. Warning: If you do too many back to back then students start to get cranky about all the paper folding, etc and it takes the excitement out.

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allisong said...

Very cute!
I can see using this for a science unit...or so many things!

Thanks for sharing,

Rebecca Rojas said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!!


Marlene said...

Megan I can see how doing them too many times might get the kids bored. Thanks for the tip! Thanks for the comments ladies. :)

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