Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Classroom Library

I just discovered The Sweet Life of Third Grade (I love discovering new blogs and have become somewhat of a blog addict!). Mrs. E is having a linky party for classroom library pics. I have a portable so I don't have alot of room for bookcases. However, after reading Debbie Miller's book Reading With Meaning I learned that you should have books everywhere. There doesn't need to be just one spot designated to books. So I have 2 main bookcases in a corner of my room. And then I have a short book display rack in front of my desk and crates with baskets of books under my dry erase board. I have so many books that I have to switch some of them out half way through the year. I have my books organized by genre and favorite authors so that my kids don't get too caught up in trying to pick books from "their" level bin only. Here are my bookcases. I don't have pictures of the rest of my library right now. But I will upload them when I do. Notice the camping chairs. My kids love them! I write down 2 numbers each day and the kids who have that designated number get to sit in the chairs for the day.


Mrs. E said...

I am amazed at the portables I'm seeing lately {they're so nice}...sorry back to the topic! I'm glad you found me - I love finding 3rd grade blogs! I love how organized your library is! Love the colors too!I agree - I didn't want my kids to get caught up in reading levels - I want them to be able to know how to find a just right book for them! Thank you for linking up!
The Sweet Life of Third Grade

Adrienne said...

I'm glad I found your blog! I love finding other 3rd grade blogs! I am now a follower. Your library looks very neat & organized.


Julie said...

Welcome to blogger land!! I put your blog on my 3rd grade Sqworl list!!
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Marlene said...

Mrs. E-Thanks for following! I look forward to reading your blog.

Adrienne and Julie- I've been following you in my google reader and so glad you found me! Thanks for putting me on the sqworl Julie! I found alot of great blogs through that on your site.

Mrs. A said...

LOVE your library and your blog! I'm a new follower. I also have blue and green baskets. I'm curious...are those chapter books or picture books in the colorful baskets on the left shelf? I'm looking for something to fit my picture books and wondered if that style of basket with handles would work. Thanks!

Smarter Than a Fourth Grader

Marlene said...

Mrs. A those are chapter books. But there is one basket on top that has some picture book biographies that aren't too big. I wish i could find more of those type but haven't seen any this year. I use bigger baskets for my picture books. Thanks for following! I'll be sure to check your site out too.

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